About the Hischkes

     We believe that pure and wholesome food should be an affordable staple in every household. 
     We believe grassfed is the healthiest. The healthy Omega-3 fats that are packed into grassfed beef are softer on your palate and in your arteries than the chapstick texture of fat from corn fed animals.  And the flavor and texture delite from the first bite.
     We believe in supporting our local economy. We grow as much as we can but when we need to purchase additional feed or supplies we buy locally to keep our dollars in our community.
     We believe grassfed is best for the environment. Soil is at the foundation of our lives. Rotational grazing practices conserve the precious topsoil that lends its rich minerals to sustain us. We regularly test our soil for calcium, magnesium, manganese and other substances that grow lush pastures without the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides. Maintaining a blend of grasses and legumes (clovers) keeps the soil fertile without using chemical fertilizer. And rotating pasture breaks cycles of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause the need for antibiotics and dewormers.
Hours of Operation
Call (920) 590-0432 for an ​appointment to buy cuts at the farm.

8742 Red Bank Rd
Suring, Wisconsin
Buy select cuts from Mr. Art at Suring Dollar Value Store

718 E Main
Suring, Wisconsin