Price List

Whole Beef                  $2.79/lb hanging weight

Half Beef                      $2.99/lb hanging weight
    (split nose to tail--you get all the cuts)

Front Quarter Beef     $3.39/lb hanging weight
     (chuck area, brisket, shank, rib, plate)

Hind Quarter Beef      $3.89/lb hanging weight
     (short loin, flank, sirloin, tenderloin, and round)

Split half                        $3.59/lb hanging weight
     (half of half--everything not to tail)

 *hanging weight is the weight when it is hanging in the cooler
​**average hanging weight is 700# per whole beef

Cuts o​​​​f Beef

Tenderloin Steak Fillets:  $15.99/lb
Ribeye Steak: $11.99/lb
New York Strip: $11.99/lb
Sirloin: $8.99/lb
Flank: $7.50/lb
Skirt: $6.95/lb

Chuck, Sirloin Tip, Rump Roast: $5.50/lb

Hamburger 1.5# packages: $4.99/lb
Hamburger Patties: $6.25/lb

*other cuts available by request

Whole Pig: $1.99/lb hanging

Half Pig: $1.99/lb hanging

*the average whole pig weighs 220#

Pork is processed at Beck's Meats in Kaukauna or Otto's Meats in Luxemburg who offer all-natural bacon and ham without the use of nitrates or MSG.
Cuts of Pork

Pork Chops:  $4.95/lb
Pork Shoulder:  $5.50/lb
Uncured Bacon:  $7.50/lb
Uncured Shoulder Bacon:  $6.95/lb
Uncured Smoked Ham:  $5.95/lb
Fresh Hocks:  $3.00/lb
Spare Ribs:  $1.99/lb
Ground Pork:  $3.50/lb


Whole lamb: $3.95/lb 
*average 50#

Lamb chops:  $13.95/lb
Leg of Lamb: $7.95/lb
Lamb Ribs:  $4.95/lb
Ground Lamb:  $6.95/lb

Whole Chicken: $3.50/lb
Hours of Operation
Call (920) 590-0432 for an ​appointment to buy cuts at the farm.

8742 Red Bank Rd
Suring, Wisconsin
Buy select cuts from Mr. Art at Suring Dollar Value Store

718 E Main
Suring, Wisconsin